GP Oral Tren (Methyltrienolone)

GP Oral Tren (Methyltrienolone)
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Made by: Geneza Pharmaceuticals Active Ingredient (API): Methyltrienolone Default Unit: 100 tabs x 250mcg/tab Anabolic effect: fat burn, cutting, lean muscle, anti-catabolic, strength Drawbacks: need experience of usage

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GP Oral Tren is manufactured by the world's approved Undergroung Anabolic Steroids and pharmaceutical Drug Supplier Geneza Pharmaceuticals, providing genuine anabolic steroids worldwide.

GP Oral tren has close effects to trenbolone that's why it is named oral tren or methyl tren, tren pills, tren tabs, although it contains drug Methyltrienolone.

The same as injectable trenbolone it is used in strength sports bodybuilding in cutting steroids cycles, to obtain huge strength gains and an ultimate, ripped body,promoting a fast fat loss with good, maintainable muscle growth.

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ManufacturerGeneza Pharmaceuticals