Testosterone Enanthate Norma

Testosterone Enanthate Norma
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Testosterone Enanthate NORMA HELLAS S.A. 1ml amp 250mg/ml

Product Description


-Qualitative and Quantitative Composition: Each ml of Testosterone Enanthate Norma (one ampoule) contains 250 mg Testosterone Enanthate (corresponding approximately to 180 mg Testosterone).


-Pharmaceutical Form Oily Inj. Solution

-Clinical Particulars/Therapeutic Indications: In men As a replacement therapy in male hypogonadal disorders caused by either primary testicular disorders or epiphyses insufficiency.

In women As a supplementary therapy in disseminated breast carcinoma in postmenopausal period.

- Posology and Administration:

Posology-Administration for males: Testosterone Enanthate Norma should be intramuscularly injected just like all oily solutions. Reactions of short duration that may develop in patients during or immediately after the injection (cough, dyspnea) are avoided, based on the exprerience gained, following a very low rate of the intramuscular administration.

Hypogonadism In order to maintain the sufficient androgenic result, 250 mg should be intramuscularly injected every 3-4 weeks. Depend to each individualized hormonal insufficiency it may be imperative to curtail the time intervals between the injections. Often time periods up to 6 weeks between the injections may be sufficient.